Final Thesis

The time has come: You are on the home stretch!

The bachelor's or master's thesis is your big project, which should crown your studies.

To get started, first contact the University Examination Office to receive the application for admission to the Bachelor's thesis (or Master's thesis), in which the credit points you have earned so far (100 in the Bachelor's, 40 in the Master's) are confirmed.

You will need a lecturer to supervise the thesis and another lecturer to write the second report. You will have to look for this person yourself among the lecturers and ask whether the capacity for supervision is available in the period you are aiming for. 

Ideally, you should already have a topic that interests you and on which you would like to carry out an intensive scientific project. The content of your studies can serve as inspiration, as can the experience you have gained during your internships and/or work-study activities. Experience shows that many students already bring concrete concerns from an organization with them, which are then concretized into a scientific question in an exchange with the supervisor. Usually, no predefined topics are made available by the lecturers for processing.

Information on the structure and assessment criteria of a thesis is also the subject of Seminar 4.3 Research Methodology in the Bachelor. If you no longer have the materials available, they can be made accessible as .pdf or video in Panopto.

Basic information on scientific writing and citation will be available as a - hopefully entertaining - video presentation here after approval by the office: Olat link

Good Luck!


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