Research of Divisions 1 and 2

The two work areas are concerned with research topics related to in-company training and continuing in-industry education as well as human resources and management development.  Current developments in organizations and companies are examined against the background of environmental changes in the context of megatrends (demographic change, globalization, individualization, digital transformation, knowledge and human capital). In addition to questions concerning the identification of promising individuals among the employees in the context of personnel assessment and selection, aspects of personnel marketing and employer branding are also considered as elements of strategic personnel management.



Current research areas include:

  • Assessment, development and future skills of personnel and executives
  • Shortage of skilled workers, career orientation and career guidance in the age of digital transformation
  • Innovations in HR management
  • Knowledge, human capital and organizational knowledge management
  • Innovative leadership concepts in the context of generation management and digitalization

Frey, A./Jedrezejczyk, P./Olesch, J.-R./Petersen, J. (2021): Berufsorientierung aus der Perspektive der Generation Z – erste Impulse für eine nachfrageorientierte Berufsberatung, in: Scharpf, M./Frey, A. (Hrsg.): Vom Individuum her denken. Berufs- und Bildungsberatung in Wissenschaft und Praxis, Bielefeld: wbv, S. 231-252.


Frey, A./ Frey, A./Jedrezejczyk, P./Olesch, J.-R./Petersen, J. (Hrsg.) (2022): Dialog und Diversity, Berlin u.a.: Peter Lang Verlag.

Research Interests at the Chair of Educational Science with Focus on Organizational Development

  • Professionalization of trainers in continuing vocational education and training 
  • Transfer of training in organizations
  • Guidance competencies
  • Diversity measures in organizations